It is a dry system where four elements of verifiable disinfection effectiveness interact, instantly killing viruses and bacteria in the environment and any surface, they are: Hepa Filters + Activated Carbon, UVC Lamp, Ionizer and UVC Lamp with O3.

The device has a powerful turbine that absorbs the ambient air and sterilizes it inside through Hepa Filters + Activated Carbon together with the UVC lamp that eliminates the remnant of viruses and bacteria that could escape to the filter system. In turn, the sterilized air passes through an ionizer where it is returned to the environment, keeping the space protected for 24 hours. The system is in operation 365 days a year. The ecoVIOX® system has a special total sterilization program with ozonated air flow in high concentrations, which works without the presence of people, to guarantee the disinfection of hard-to-reach surfaces and spaces. This process is similar to that carried out in laboratories and / or operating rooms.
El dispositivo cuenta con una potente turbina que absorbe el aire ambiente y lo esteriliza en su interior a través de Filtros Hepa + Carbón Activado junto con la lámpara UVC que elimina los restos de virus y bacterias que pudieran escapar al sistema de filtrado. A su vez, el aire esterilizado pasa por un ionizador donde se devuelve al ambiente, manteniendo el espacio protegido durante 24 horas. El equipo está en funcionamiento los 365 días del año. El sistema ecoVIOX® cuenta con un programa especial de esterilización total con flujo de aire ozonizado en altas concentraciones, que funciona sin la presencia de personas, para garantizar la desinfección de superficies y espacios de difícil acceso. Este proceso es similar al que se realizan en laboratorios y/o quirófanos.
The equipment is 100% safe. All its components are validated and certified by the Institute for Environmental Research and Engineering.

As the sterilization process of the UVC system takes place inside the equipment, there is no risk of exposure to UV radiation.

The presence sensor makes it possible to control that the ozonation process is carried out without people and / or animals.

Yes, it fights all kinds of viruses and bacteria.


The WHO (World Health Organization) has established that ozone is the most efficient disinfectant against all types of microorganisms, in ozone concentrations of 0.1-0.2 mg / L.min 99% of rotavirus is inactivated and poliovirus, among other pathogens studied, belonging to the same Group IV of the Coronaviruses. That is why the ecoVIOX® EV-O system is the most effective resource for sterilization.

1- Combines in the most effective way the 4 level validated sterilization systems worldwide, leaving environments totally free of viruses and bacteria.

2- There is no direct exposure to UV rays, avoiding the risk of developing skin diseases.

3- It has a “presence sensor” that allows interrupting the ozonation process in presence of people and / or animals.

4- The O3 control, when used without risk, allows a sterilization process complete because the gas reaches places that are difficult to access.
2- No existe exposición directa a los rayos UV, evitando el riesgo de desarrollar enfermedades de la piel.
3- Tiene un “sensor de presencia” que permite interrumpir el proceso de ozonización en presencia de personas y / o animales.
4- El control de O3, cuando se utiliza sin riesgo, permite un proceso de esterilización completo porque el gas llega a lugares de difícil acceso.

The system was developed to sterilize the entrance, exit and interior of spaces with high traffic of people that require speed in sterilization and safer environments, such as:


  • Hospitals and health centers;

  • Schools;

  • Public offices;

  • Airports;

  • Port terminals;

  • Public transport (train, subway, buses, ferries);

  • Large commercial areas;

  • Banks and financial entities; and

  • Administrative office.

But it can be used in many other environments where there is a significant flow of people.

Yes, there are small equipment suitable for the home or small surfaces with the same advantages.

Installation must be done by qualified personnel.

Being compact, it can be placed at any entrance and exit without the need to use sterilizing cabins. It does not require any external air intake as it uses the air from the environment.

The maintenance consists of keeping it clean, replacing the filters and UVC and O3 lamps every 6 months.
Al ser compacto, se puede colocar en cualquier entrada y salida sin necesidad de utilizar cabinas de esterilización. No requiere ninguna entrada de aire externa ya que utiliza el aire del ambiente.
El mantenimiento consiste en mantenerlo limpio, sustituyendo los filtros y las lámparas UVC y O3 cada 6 meses.

EV-O systems have a lower consumption than a 2300 frigories air conditioning.

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Ozone disinfection systems are used (without human presence or with the O3 values allowed by the WHO) by the main countries of the world as the most effective solution developed to date.


In Argentina, the Emergency Medical Care Service (SAME) of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires uses a system of cabins with ozone to disinfect its medical and paramedical personnel.

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